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Traditional Chinese Medicine:

Quality of individual prescriptions 

April 4th 2009   in   BREUKELEN  (NL)

10.00 h -17.30 h.
(In Pagode-hotel/conference centre next to railway station)

A joint conference of the

Netherlands Association for Phytotherapy (NVF)

Netherlands Medical Association for Acupuncture (NAAV)

Netherlands Association for Acupuncture (NVA)



Program leaflet: PDF

Conference language: Englisch

Registration: PDF

NVF-bureau nvf@fyto.nl  TEL 024-6844301 FAX 024-6843939

Rijksstraatweg 158, 6573 DG Beek-Ubbergen NL


The quality of the work of the TCM practitioner prescribing TCM medicines depends on two things:
- the choice of the proper medicine(s) and the appliance of the correct dosage(s) which in fact is a result of the quality of the education of the prescriber and
- the quality of the medicine itself that lies in the hand of the dispensing pharmacist and his suppliers.
Safety and efficacy, the two things that patients rightfully demand from treatments they pay for, are build on the two qualities mentioned above.

 The involvement of science in both of these topics has moved forward during the last years. At this conference some exciting recent results will be discussed between scientists and clinicians.


Drs. Charles. Wauters pharmacist, natuurapotheek (chairman of the conference)  

Dr. Mei Wang, TNO/SU biomedicine 

Drs. Jan SchroŽn, TCM expert and teacher 

Dr. Aitje Tan, physician and TCM expert 

Prof. Dr. Peter Hylands, pharmacognosist, King's College

Prof. Dr. Kelvin Chan, University of Wolverhampton, pharmacologist     

Prof. Dr. Peter Houghton, King's College, pharmacognosist 

Dr. You Ping Zhu, pharmacognosist, pharmacist 

Yifan Yang, TCM-expert, author of TCM handbooks














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