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The Netherlands Association for Phytotherapy




The NVF is was founded in 1988.
Our address is:
NVF-bureau, Rijksstraatweg 158, 6573 DG Beek-Ubbergen, the Netherlands

Telephone:    00.31.2468.44301
Fax:              00.31.2468.43939
e-mail:           nvf@fyto.nl

  • The NVF represents the Netherlands in ESCOP (European Scientific Co-operative on Phytotherapy) 

  • The NVF is member of the FMWV (Federation of Scientific Medical Associations)

  • The NVF is a non-profit organisation

  • The NVF is editor of the Netherlands Journal of Phytotherapy (NTvF, Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Fytotherapie

  • The NVF has established a chair in the "Immunology of plant compounds" at the Utrecht University (www.pharm.uu.nl), from 1993, momentarily non occupied.

  • The NVF has contributed to the foundation of the independent "Stichting Toetsing Fytotherapeutica" (STF) (Foundation for Assessment of Phytomedicines) which has finished in 2005 a government-funded project in drawing up a framework for assessing commercially available phytomedicines with regard to safety, quality and efficacy.
    Since 2005 the" Commissie Keuring Fytopreparaten" (CKF) (Committee for Assessment of Botanicals) was founded by STF, producing  master-files for phyto(gen) products.  


Members of the NVF are

  • Of an academic educational level

  • Professionally involved in phytomedicines or phytotherapy.

At the present (2008) there are about 350 members, of which appr. 25% are pharmacists; appr. 50% are physicians or herbalists; the reminder are biologists, pharmacognosists, staff members of phytopharmaceutical production or trading companies, etc.

A large number of NVF-members (about 65) studies veterinary use of phytoproducts.


The NVF board members, elected November 2008 for a 3 years period are:

  • Dr C.J. Beukelman,  staff member department of Medicinal Chemistry and director of PhytoGeniX R&D, Faculty of Pharmacy, Utrecht University ; chairman

  • Drs L.K. de Munck-Khoe, pharmacist

  • Dr. M.T.I.W Schüsler- van Hees, pharmacist

  • Dr. S.F.A.J. Horsten, pharmacognosist

Director of the NVF-bureau is drs A.G.M. van Asseldonk, biologist, phytotherapy lecturer, ethnoveterinary/zoopharmacognosy researcher.


The NVF mission is to:

  • improve the quality of phytotherapy (herbalism) and phytomedicines (plant medicines or herbals)

  • provide reliable information about phytotherapy and phytomedicines.

  More in particular the NVF promotes

  • scientific research into the nature, action and safe use of phytomedicines

  • the input of scientific and empirical knowledge about phytomedicines in education

  • legal definition of the status of phytomedicines

  • ready access to phytomedicines for physicians, pharmacists, consumers, etc.

  • reliable product information for phytomedicine users

  • publication of plant monographs containing guidelines for preparation and analysis of  phytomedicines

  • scientific meetings on phytomedicines and phytotherapy  up


Activities that were undertaken and still are being continued by the NVF in the Netherlands are:

  • establishing of a chair in the "immunology of plant compounds" at the Utrecht University, (www.pharm.uu.nl ) from 1993-2007, occupied by prof. dr H. van Dijk;

  • publication of the "Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Fytotherapie" (Netherlands Journal of Phytotherapy) from 1988 (NTvF) ;

  • foundation of the independent "Commissie Toetsing Fytotherapeutica" (CTF) (Committee for Assessment of Phytomedicines) which from 1991-2005 worked government-funded. Since 2006-2010 the same Foundation installed the CKF( Committee for Assessment of Phytoproducts).

  • organization of symposia, short courses and lectures on relevant and actual subjects;

  • providing guest lectures and speakers for various organizations and educational institutes

  • promoting reliable information in the general media (by sending letters to the editor, initiating publications, giving interviews etc.);

  • drawing up and updating a list of the educational opportunities in phytotherapy in the Netherlands and advising about phytotherapy courses;

  • participating in FMWV, and ROW-DGL. 

On an international level the NVF participates in ESCOP activities (http://www.escop.com )


* Phytotherapy and phytomedicines deserve their rightful place in contemporary health care systems
* Phytomedicines are not yet receiving the attention they merit in academic research and university education 
Consumers need to have access to reliable and independent information not only on the use of phytomedicines but also on possible risks











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